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William James Wade, Jr. born September 22, 1972 and died at the young age of 31 from carbon monoxide poisoning on January 26, 2004.



JJ's the beloved son, older brother, devoted  single father of three wonderful children, and cherished friend of many...he will always be remembered for his charming smiles and love for his family.
JJ's young sons, Brandon--11 and Jamie--10 (ages on 1/26/04), were devastated with the loss of their beloved Dad. They suffered another traumatic sudden death less than four months later.  JJ's only sister, Michele Wade--27, was killed instantly on May 20, 2004 when an irresponsible driver crossed the centerline.  My strong faith, family, and friends are the strengths the good Lord continuously provides for survival.


                    "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal...
                  ...Love leaves a memory no one can steal."

Pain and Grieving

When you hear me laugh one moment in time,
Do you think...Oh great! she seems just fine.

The smiles you see, don’t reach my eyes....
Nor do you hear my silent anguished cries.

My heart is breaking, can’t you see....
Without my sweet children here with me.

My heart and soul have taken a big hit....
Yet some loved ones tell me, “get over it.”

Each new day is an emotional strain....
I pray none of them experience this pain.

Only another parent that is grieving too,
Can understand what I am going thru.

My precious children have died...that is true,
But why must I hide this pain from you?

Copyright 2005 Diane Craddock

n loving memory of my children
JJ Wade and Michele Wade


My dearest JJ,
You will never know how much we miss you. It has been a long two years, three months, and nineteen days since we have seen your smiling face. Going to try to create a memorial garden or walking trail in memory of you, Michele, Lynn, & Thomas.... hopefully other families will add markers for their loved ones. Watch over us...we love and miss you all so much.
Love, Mom
May 19, 2006


Celebration of Life Scholarships

Diane Craddock established two Angels' Arms Scholarships (in memory of her only two children, Michele Wade and J.J. Wade) at Paul D. Camp Community College. The scholarships will be awarded each year for the fall semester. Tax-deductible donations to fund the scholarships can be made payable to: 

Paul D. Camp Community College
Dr. Patsy R. Joyner, VP for Institutional Advancement
100 North College Drive Franklin, VA 23851
757-569-6791 FAX: 757-569-6795 

First scholarships awarded July 2006!!!! 
Cindy Clements, Carrsville VA, won Michele's scholarship
Elizabeth Ongor, Smithfield VA, won JJ's scholarship

Second scholarships awarded July 2007!!!!
Stephanie Gray, Boykins VA, won Michele's scholarship
Jamie Cotton, Franklin VA, won JJ's scholarship
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Tributes and Condolences
45th Birthday   / Diane Craddock (Mother)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ! Forty-five years ago, at 2:08 am on September 22, 1972, my life was changed forever with the birth of my first child! I cherish the years we had together, even the difficult times ... sharing unconditional love no matter what the c...  Continue >>
13 years   / Diane Craddock (Mom)
Dearest son, It has been 13 long/short years since you have gone home to be with our heavenly Father ~ love and miss you ALWAYS! Your grand babies (Brady-2 and Presley-1) are precious! I spent a couple of hours with them today, as I try to ever...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Son!   / Mom Loving And Missing You
Forty four years since you were born and my love for you will never diminish ~ only grow! It has been 12 1/2 years since you returned to your heavenly home and I still think about you every day. I went to see your beautiful grandchildren last night ~...  Continue >>
Eleven year update   / Diane Craddock (Mother)
Jamie (21) lives with Mary (his fiancee) and her family in Hertford NC ~ been there for about a year now. Brandon (22) has been married for almost two years to Kalee and they have a nine month old son, Brady ~ he looks like Brandon, Jamie, and you w...  Continue >>
Happy 41st birthday son!   / Mom (Mother)
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear JJ! Happy birthday to you! ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ Dearest son, A day doesn't pass without me thinking of you and Michele! Today is your special day of birth...on September 22, 1972 God...  Continue >>
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His legacy
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For other poetry written for JJ and Michele visit: for poems by poet:  Diane Craddock for poems by poet:  angelsarms2004 
All written by their Mom "in their sweet memory."

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